Reserved Pages

The first 12 pages of the initial chunk of the root dbspace are reserved pages. Each reserved page contains specific control and tracking information used by the database server.

To obtain a listing of the contents of your reserved pages, execute the command oncheck -pr. To also list information about the physical-log and logical-log pages, including the active physical-log pages, run the oncheck -pR command.

The following example shows sample oncheck -pr output for interval checkpoints:

	Time of checkpoint      10/25/2005 17:05:20
	Checkpoint Interval		  1234

The database server also stores current configuration information in a reserved page called PAGE_CONFIG. If you change the configuration parameters from the command line and run the oncheck -pr command without shutting down and restarting the database server, the configuration values in the command output do not match the current values in the reserved pages. The oncheck utility returns a warning message.

The following example shows sample output of the contents of a PAGE_CONFIG reserved page.

Validating Informix database server reserved pages - PAGE_CONFIG
    ROOTNAME                       rootdbs
    ROOTPATH                       /home/dyn_srv/root_chunk
    ROOTOFFSET                     4
    ROOTSIZE                       8000
    MIRROR                         0
    MIRROROFFSET                   0
    PHYSFILE                       1000
    LOGFILES                       5
    LOGSIZE                        500
    MSGPATH                        /home/dyn_srv/online.log
    CONSOLE                            /dev/ttyp5
...                                ...

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