oncheck -pr and pR: Display reserved-page information

The -pr option performs the same checks as oncheck -cr command and displays the reserved-page information.

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>>-oncheck----+- -pr-+-----------------------------------------><
              '- -pR-'     

The -pR option performs the same checks as the oncheck -cR command, displays the reserved-page information, and displays detailed information about logical-log and physical-log pages, including marking the start and end of the active physical-log pages.

The following example show output of the oncheck -pr command:

Validating IBM Informix Dynamic Server reserved pages  

    Validating PAGE_PZERO...

    Identity                       IBM Informix Dynamic Ser
                                   ver Copyright 2001, 2016
                                     IBM Corporation
    Database system state          0
    Database system flags          0xc039
        64-bit server                 
        BigChunk page flags are not in use
        Encryption-at-rest is enabled using cipher 'aes192'
        The ROOT Dbspace is encrypted
    Page Size                      2048 (b)
    Date/Time created              05/12/2016 18:01:09
    Version number of creator      28
    UID of rootdbs creator         200
    Index Page Logging             OFF
    HA Disk Owner                  <null>

If you have changed the value of a configuration parameter, but you have not yet reinitialized shared memory, the oncheck -pr and oncheck -pR commands detect the inconsistency and return an error message.

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