SMX_PING_INTERVAL configuration parameter

Use the SMX_PING_INTERVAL configuration parameter to specify the number of seconds in a timeout interval, where a secondary server waits for activity from the primary server in a Server Multiplexer Group (SMX) connection.

onconfig.std value
0 = Wait indefinitely.

A positive integer between 1 and 60, inclusive. = The number of seconds in the timeout interval.

takes effect
After you edit your onconfig file and restart the database server.
When you reset the value dynamically in your onconfig file by running the onmode -wf command.
After you run the SQL administration API task() or admin() function with the "onmode","-wf SMX_PING_INTERVAL=value" or "onmode","-wm SMX_PING_INTERVAL=value" argument.


If the secondary server does not receive any message during the length of time that is specified by the SMX_PING_INTERVAL configuration parameter and after the number of intervals that are specified by the SMX_PING_RETRY configuration parameter, the secondary server prints an error message to the online.log and closes the SMX connection. If an SMX timeout message is in the online.log, you can increase the SMX_PING_INTERVAL value, the SMX_PING_RETRY value, or both of these values.

This configuration parameter applies only to secondary servers. If you set SMX_PING_INTERVAL on the primary server, it becomes effective if the primary server becomes a secondary server.

If the onconfig file of a secondary server in a high-availability cluster has the following entries, the secondary server waits a total of 180 seconds for activity from the primary server. If there is no activity from the primary server during those 180 seconds, the secondary server closes the SMX connection and writes an error message to the online log.

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