ha set timeout argument: Change SD secondary server timeout (SQL administration API)

Use the ha set timeout argument with the admin() or task() function to change the amount of time in seconds that the primary server waits for acknowledgments from shared disk (SD) secondary servers.


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>>-EXECUTE FUNCTION--+-admin-+--(------------------------------->

>--"ha set timeout"--,--"seconds"--)--;------------------------><

Element Description Key Considerations
seconds The number of seconds the primary server waits before disconnecting the SD secondary server. The value must be a positive integer in the range:
  • from 2
  • to 2 147 483 647


Run this function on an established shared disk primary server to specify the amount of time in seconds that the primary server waits for a log position acknowledgment to be sent from an SD secondary server. If there is no log position acknowledgment received from the SD secondary server in the specified amount of time, the primary server disconnects from the SD secondary server and continues. After waiting for the specified number of seconds, the primary server starts removing SD secondary servers if page flushing has timed out while waiting for an SD secondary server.

This function resets the value of the SDS_TIMEOUT configuration parameter in the ONCONFIG file.

This function is equivalent to the onmode -wf SDS_TIMEOUT command.


The following example sets the timeout period to 5 seconds:
EXECUTE FUNCTION task("ha set timeout","5");

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