RESTORE_FILTER configuration parameter

Use the RESTORE_FILTER configuration parameter to specify the path name of a filter program, and any options.

onconfig.std value
Not set. Restored data is not filtered.
The path name of a command and any options. By default, the path name is relative to the $INFORMIXDIR/bin directory, otherwise, the path name must be the absolute path of the program. If you include command-line options, both the filter name and the options must be surrounded by single quotation marks.
takes effect
After you edit your onconfig file and ON-Bar or ontape starts.


This filter transforms data that was transformed during backup to its original format prior to a restore. The filter specified by the RESTORE_FILTER configuration parameter must match the filter specified by the BACKUP_FILTER configuration parameter. For example, if data was compressed during backup, data must be uncompressed during a restore.

For security purposes, filters should not have write permission to non-privileged users. Permission on the filters are the same as that of permission on other executable files that are called by the HCL Informix® server or utilities.

For example, if you want to compress backed up data, you could set the BACKUP_FILTER and RESTORE_FILTER configuration parameters to the following values:
BACKUP_FILTER /bin/compress
RESTORE_FILTER /bin/uncompress	
The RESTORE_FILTER configuration parameter can include command-line options as well as the filter name. For example, specify:
RESTORE_FILTER	‘my_decrypt –file /var/adm/encryption.pass'

In this example, the command in quotation marks is used as the filter.