Demonstration databases

You can practice using DB-Access with a demonstration database.

If you use HCL Informix® demonstration databases, you can add, delete, or change the provided data and scripts. You can restore the database to its original condition.

You can configure the following demonstration databases:
  • The stores_demo database illustrates a relational schema with tables about a fictitious wholesale sporting-goods distributor, as well as other tables that are used in examples. Tables containing electricity usage and geographical location data illustrate time series and spatial information. Many examples in HCL Informix manuals are based on the stores_demo database.
  • The superstores_demo database illustrates an object-relational schema. The superstores_demo database contains examples of extended data types, type and table inheritance, and user-defined routines.

The scripts that you use to install the demonstration databases are in the $INFORMIXDIR/bin directory on UNIX and in the %INFORMIXDIR%\bin directory on Windows.

Some operating systems require that you have execute permissions to run SQL command files, read permissions to open these files or their contents in DB-Access, or write permissions to save modified or new files. Use the UNIX chmod command to enable execution of the SQL files that the initialization script installed.

The demonstration scripts are designed for the default locale. If you use a non-default locale, such as en_us.utf8, some features, such as the SET COLLATION statement, might not function correctly.

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