Creating a demonstration database

You create demonstration databases by running the dbaccessdemo command.

When you create a demonstration database, the script confirms that you want to copy sample SQL command files. Command files that the demonstration database includes have a .sql extension and contain sample SQL statements that you can use.

To create a demonstration database:

  1. Create a directory.

    You must have UNIX read and execute permissions for each directory in the path name that you create.

  2. Change directories to the new directory and run the dbaccessdemo or dbaccessdemo_ud command.
  3. The initialization script displays a series of messages on the screen as the database is created. Press Y to copy the command files into the directory that you created. The demonstration database is created. You are the owner and database administrator (DBA) of that database.

If you want to discard changes that you made to your database or to the command files, rerun the dbaccessdemo or dbaccessdemo_ud command and press Y to replace the existing command files with the original versions.

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