The Query-language option

Use the Query-language option to enter, modify, save, retrieve, and run SQL statements. DB-Access retains the statements, if any, in the editor. These statements are called the current statements.

Use the Query-language option to:
  • Learn SQL and SPL.

    For example, use the Query-language option to practice the examples in the IBM® Informix® Guide to SQL: Tutorial.

  • Create and alter table structures as an alternative to the DB-Access Schema Editor.
  • Select, display, add, update, and delete data.
The SQL menu has the following options.
Option Purpose
New Clears current statements and positions cursor in SQL editor.
Run Runs current SQL statements. A message is displayed or the data that is retrieved by a query is displayed with the number of rows retrieved.
Modify Allows you to modify current SQL statements in SQL editor.
Use-editor Starts a system editor so that you can modify current statements or create new statements. Use-editor is interchangeable with New and Modify.
Output Redirects Run-option output to a file, printer, or system pipe.
Choose Lists SQL command files so that you can choose a file to run or modify.
Save Saves current SQL statements in a file for later use.
Info Shows table information, such as columns, indexes, privileges, constraints, triggers, status, and fragmentation strategy.
Drop Deletes a specified SQL command file.
Exit Returns to main menu.

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