What happens when errors occur

If you make any syntax or typing mistakes in an SQL statement, DB-Access does not process the statement. Instead, it continues to display the text of the statement with a message that describes the error.

If an execution or runtime error occurs, DB-Access continues to process the statement and returns an error message. For example, if you try to create a table that was already created, the following message is displayed at the bottom of the screen:
310: Table (mavis.mystock) already exists in database.

If you try to run a statement that contains more than one SQL statement, you might not see an error message immediately. If, for example, the first statement is a SELECT statement that runs correctly and the next statement contains a typing error, the data that the first statement retrieved shows on the screen before the error message is displayed for the second statement.

When DB-Access detects an error, processing stops and the Modify option on the SQL menu is highlighted. Select one of the following methods to correct the statement:
  • Press Enter to choose Modify, which returns you to the SQL editor.
  • Select the Use-editor option to use the default editor of your choice.

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