List of available databases

When you choose the Select option, the SELECT DATABASE screen opens. The first database in the list of available databases is highlighted, accompanied by the names of database servers.

The list is organized alphabetically by database server and then by database for each database server. You can display a maximum of 512 database names on the SELECT DATABASE screen.

Important: In the SELECT DATABASE screen, the names of databases are limited to 18 characters. If a database name is longer than 18 characters, you see the first 17 characters of the name followed by a ‘+' sign. Enter a ‘+' sign to display the complete long name in vi. To exit from vi, press ESC ZZ.
The list of available databases that is displayed depends on two factors:
  • The settings of certain environment variables.
    • If you use one database server, DB-Access displays the names of all databases on the current database server and in your DBPATH setting.
    • If you use multiple database servers, the ONCONFIG environment variable determines the current database server.
  • The current connection. For example:
    • If no explicit connection exists, DB-Access displays the databases in the DBPATH setting.
    • If a current explicit connection exists, all databases in the DBPATH setting that pertain to the current database server are displayed.

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