The Database option

Use the Database option to work with databases and transactions.

Use the Database option to:
  • Create a database or select a database.

    The database that you work with is called the current database.

  • Retrieve and display information about a database, such as available dbspaces and the text of routines.
  • Delete an existing database or close the current database.
  • Commit or rollback transactions.

You can access only databases that are on the current database server. To select a database server as current, you can specify a database server when you start DB-Access, you can use the Connection menu, or you can run a CONNECT statement from the SQL menu. If you do not explicitly select a database server, DB-Access uses the default database server that the $INFORMIXSERVER environment variable specifies as the current database.

If you select or create a database when another database is already open, DB-Access closes that database before it makes your selection the current or new database.

The DATABASE menu displays the following options.
Option Purpose
Select Makes a database the current database
Create Builds a new database and makes that database the current database
Info Displays information about the current database
Drop Removes a database from the system. You cannot delete the current database.
cLose Closes the current database
Exit Exits the DATABASE menu and returns you to the main menu

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