Close a database

To close the current database, use the cLose option from the DATABASE menu.

If you begin a transaction but do not commit it or roll it back, and then you try to close a database with transactions, the TRANSACTION menu opens. The TRANSACTION menu ensures that you either commit or roll back an active transaction before you close the current database.
Important: Select an option carefully. You might commit transactions that you do not want if you select Commit, and you do lose any new transactions if you select Rollback.

The TRANSACTION menu also opens whenever you attempt to open a new database or try to leave the DB-Access menu system without first terminating a transaction.

Important: If you begin a transaction in an ANSI-compliant database but do not issue a COMMIT statement or ROLLBACK statement, then try to close the database using a non-menu mode, DB-Access commits the transaction for you. If you do not want to commit the transaction, issue both a ROLLBACK statement and a CLOSE DATABASE statement from the command line.

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