Creating ATS and RIS directories

You can create directories for Aborted Transactions Spooling (ATS) and Row Information Spooling (RIS) files instead of using the default directories.

ATS and RIS files contain information about failed transactions and aborted rows. You can repair data after a replicated transaction fails by applying ATS and RIS files. Enterprise Replication examines the specified ATS or RIS file and attempts to reconcile the rows that failed to be applied. ATS and RIS files are relevant only if you specify a conflict resolution role other than ignore or always-apply.

The default location for ATS and RIS directories is /tmp (UNIX) or \tmp (Windows).

If you want to use non-default directories, create the ATS or RIS directories before you define the server for replication. The path names for the ATS and RIS directories cannot be longer than 256 characters.
  • Create RIS directories on all replication servers in the domain.
  • Create ATS directories on all replication servers in the domain, if you are using update-anywhere replication.
  • Create the ATS directory on the target system, if you are using primary-target replication.

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