cdr define qod

The cdr define qod command defines a master server for monitoring the quality of data (QOD) for replication servers.


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>>-cdr define qod--+--------------------------+--+----------+--><
                   |                      (1) |  '- --start-'   
                   '-| Connect Option   |-----'                 

  1. See Connect Option.

The following table describes the cdr define qod option.

Long Form Short Form Meaning
--start -s Specifies to start quality of data monitoring.


If Connection Manager service-level agreements (SLAs) use a apply-failure or transaction-latency policy, the Connection Manager uses QOD information to decide where to route client connection requests.

Quality of data information is used for the following SLA policies:
  • FAILURE: Connection requests are directed to the replication server that has the fewest apply failures.
  • LATENCY: Connection requests are directed to the replication server that has the lowest transaction latency.

You can start monitoring by including the --start option or by running the cdr start qod command after the cdr define qod command.

If the monitoring of data quality is already enabled, running the cdr define qod command changes the master server.

You must run the cdr define qod command from a root server.

You can run this command from within an SQL statement by using the SQL administration API.

Return codes

A return code of 0 indicates that the command was successful.

If the command is not successful, one of the following error codes is returned: 5, 217.

For information on error codes, see Return Codes for the cdr Utility.

Example 1: Defining a master server

The following command defines server_1 as the master server for quality of data monitoring:
cdr define qod server_1
After you have defined server_1 as the master server, you must run cdr define qod on server_1 to begin quality of data monitoring.

Example 2: Defining a master server and starting quality of data monitoring

The following command connects to server_2, defines server_2 as the master server, and then starts quality of data monitoring:
cdr define qod -c server_2 --start

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