cdr change gridtable

The cdr change gridtable command has multiple uses. It can verify that specific tables can be used in gird queries and then add the tables to a list of verified tables, and it can delete tables from the list of verified tables.


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>>-cdr change gridtable--+--------------------------+----------->
                         |                      (1) |   
                         '-| Connect Option   |-----'   

>-- --grid--=--grid_name-- --database--=--database-------------->

>--+- --add----+--+- --all----+--------------------------------><
   '- --delete-'  | .-------. |   
                  | V       | |   

  1. See Connect Option.
Element Purpose Restrictions Syntax
database The name of the database. Must be in a server that is in the specified grid. Long Identifiers
grid_name Name of the grid. Must be the name of an existing grid. Long Identifiers
table The name of the table. The table cannot be a synonym or a view. Long Identifiers

The following table describes the cdr change gridtable options.

Long Form Short Form Meaning
--add -a Add the specified tables to the grid.
--all -A Specifies to add or delete all the tables in the database.
--database= -D Specifies the database in which the tables are located.
--delete -d Delete the specified tables from the grid.
--grid= -g Specifies the grid to which to add or delete tables.


Use the cdr change gridtable command with the --add option to add one or more tables to an existing grid. You add a table to a grid when you want to include the table in grid queries. System tables are automatically included in the grid. When you add a table to a grid, the cdr change gridtable command ensures that every table with that name has the same schema on every grid server. Every table must have the same columns, column names, and data types. The specified database must use the same locale on every grid server.

Use the cdr change gridtable command with the --delete option to remove one or more tables from an existing grid. The specified tables cannot be included in grid queries.

Return codes

A return code of 0 indicates that the command was successful.

If the command is not successful, one of the following error codes is returned: 5, 228.

For information about these error codes, see Return Codes for the cdr Utility.


The following example adds all tables in the stores database to the grid named grid1:

cdr change gridtable -–grid=grid1 -–database=stores -–add -–all 

The following example removes the table named customer in the stores database from the grid named grid1:

cdr change gridtable -–grid=grid1 -–database=stores -–delete=customer 

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