cdr delete shardCollection

The cdr delete shardCollection command deletes a sharding definition, and then stops data sharding.


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>>-cdr delete shardCollection--definition_name--+------------------------+-><
                                                |                    (1) |   
                                                '-| Connect Option |-----'   

  1. See Connect Option.
Element Description Restrictions
definition_name The name of the sharding definition that is used for distributing data across multiple database servers. Must be the name of an existing definition.


Use the cdr delete shardCollection command to delete a sharding definition, and then stop data sharding.

Return codes

A return code of 0 indicates that the command was successful.

If the command is not successful, one of the following error codes is returned: 99, 196, 229.

For information about these error codes, see Return Codes for the cdr Utility.


For this example, you have a sharding definition that was created by the following command:
cdr define shardCollection collection_1 db_1:john.customers_1
   --type=delete --key=col2 --strategy=hash --versionCol=version

The following example deletes collection_1, and stops the sharding of table customers_1:

cdr delete shardCollection collection_1

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