Performing the unload job

You are now ready to perform the unload job.

Tip: You might want to preview the records that the query will select. See Preview data-file records.

To finish this example:

  1. Click Save to save the unload job.
    After you save the unload job, the Message line displays the following message:
    Saved job successfully

    You can now run the job, or you can return at a later time and run the job.

  2. Click Run to run the unload job.

    The Active Job window appears. This window reports the progress of your unload job. The Active Job window for an unload job is similar to the Active Job window for a load job, which Figure 1 shows.

  3. When the Active Job window reports that the unload job is finished, click OK to return to the Unload Job window.
  4. Click Cancel to return to the HPL main window.
  5. You can create another job or choose Jobs > Exit to exit ipload.

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