The HPL deluxe mode

The deluxe mode has the following features:
  • Performs row-by-row referential and constraint checking as the data is loaded
  • Allows loading of data while other users are working (no table locking) if the table already has an associated violations table before the load and if either of the following conditions apply:
    • The index is set to FILTERING WITHOUT ERROR mode
    • The table does not have unique indexes.
  • Allows users to access and update the table during a load

    Loaded data is immediately visible to the user.

  • Logs data, but also offers a no-logging option
  • Updates indexes
  • Evaluates triggers
  • Sets constraints to FILTERING WITHOUT ERROR
  • Sets the isolation mode as if for an insert cursor
  • Simulates an INSERT statement, except that the HPL allows the load to handle parallel data streams
  • Allows loading of data without replication
The deluxe mode has the following limitations:
  • Does not support loads without conversion
  • Does not support loads that have conversion but do not generate a violations table
  • Does not support the -fv option

When you use the deluxe mode without replication to load data into the table that was used to define the replicates, the data in that table is not replicated.

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