The HPL express mode

The express mode for loading is faster than the deluxe mode, but has some limitations

The express mode has the following features:
  • Locks tables for exclusive use by the load utility
  • Disables referential and constraint checking on the table
  • Requires a level-0 backup
  • Sets all objects (such as indexes or constraints) to disabled before loading
  • Re-enables all objects after loading, if possible, and flags objects that cannot be re-enabled in the violations and diagnostic tables
  • Supports loading of raw tables
  • Supports the loading of logged databases and ANSI mode databases
    • If you load ANSI mode databases in express mode, you cannot use DB-Access to select data from the database tables.
    • If you load logged databases in express mode, you must perform a level-0 backup before you can write to the target database.
The express mode does not support:
  • Tables that contain smart large objects (BLOB or CLOB data types)
  • Tables that contain simple large objects (TEXT and BYTE) or extended data types
  • Loading of data on a heterogeneous data replication (HDR) replicated table from a database that has transactions
  • A table that has a fragmentation strategy and has a WITH ROW IDs clause to enable by using row IDs with fragmentation
  • Tables with primary key constraints when child table records refer to the load table
  • Rows that are larger than the system page size
  • The static-hash access method
  • Triggers on the loaded data, because express mode cannot invoke the triggers
Important: If your load job has any of these conditions, you must use deluxe mode to load your data.

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