The HPL log-file and pop-up messages

This section provides explanatory notes and corrective actions for unnumbered messages that print in the High-Performance Loader (HPL) log file. The section also includes information specific to messages that are returned to standard output or appear in a pop-up dialog box (depending on the way you started onpload).

For more information about error messages and corrective actions, use the finderr (UNIX) or Informix Error Messages (Windows) utility.

Several HPL error messages refer to the errno.h file, which is located in the following directories:
  • /usr/include/errno.h in UNIX
  • errno.h, windsock.h, and winsock2.h in the include subdirectory for Microsoft Visual C++.

A few of the messages included here might require you to contact Technical Support. Such messages are rarely, if ever, seen at customer locations.

For information about how to view the log file and some guidance on how and when you might want to read it, see "Viewing Log Files" in chapter 14.

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