InformixHQ Server Settings

Users with System Administrator privileges, including the initial admin user created when InformixHQ is started for the very first time, will have a System Settings link in the drop-down menu shown when they click on the user icon in the top right corner of the application title bar. This link is used for making changes to the global InformixHQ Configuration.

The InformixHQ Configuration page includes settings for:
  • Alerting Configuration – enable and configure InformixHQ to be able to send alerts to users via email, Twilio, or PagerDuty.
  • Data Cleanup Configuration – configure the schedule and settings for when InformixHQ runs its repository data cleanup jobs
  • Report Management – create and manage custom system reports that you can run against your Informix database servers.
  • Sensor Management – create and manage custom SQL sensors for monitoring your Informix database servers.
  • Server Configuration – configure system-wide settings for the InformixHQ server, including the REST SQL session timeout.
  • User Management – add users and edit their InformixHQ privileges.

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