Creating Custom Reports

Use the System Settings > Report Management page to create and manage custom system reports. An InformixHQ system report is based on a single SQL query run against any database on the database server. Once defined, reports are available from any server's System Reports page and can be run on demand.

Only System Administrative users of InformixHQ can define custom system reports.

To define a custom system report, go to the System Settings > Report Management page and click Create Report.

For each custom report, define the following:
  • SQL
    • Define the database and SQL query to be run against the database server.
      • Select a sample server to run the query against to preview the data.
  • Columns
    • Define information for each column returned by your query:
      • Name: A display name for the column which will be shown in the InformixHQ UI.
      • Unit: Optional. Defining the unit as a Unix timestamp or bytes will direct the InformixHQ UI to format the column's values before they are displayed in the UI.
  • Report Metadata
    • A unique id for the report.
    • A display name for the report.
    • An optional description of the report.
    • The category the report belongs to.

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