Starting or stopping a server in a cluster

Change a server in a high availability cluster to online or offline mode.

Important: When you stop a shared disk secondary (SDS) server, the server is no longer displayed in the cluster in OAT. To restore the SDS server to the OAT display, manually restart the server, and then click Find Clusters. When the cluster is found, the SDS server is displayed in the list of servers for the cluster.

To start or stop a secondary server:

  1. On the OAT menu, click Replication > Clusters.
  2. Under Clusters, select the cluster. The cluster topology and the list of servers are displayed.
  3. In the list of servers, for the server that you want to stop or start, click Modify. The Modify Server page displays the status of the server and indicates whether you can start or stop the server.
  4. Click Start or Stop.

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