Resuming replication to a suspended server

Resume the delivery of replicated data to an Enterprise Replication (ER) server that is suspended.

Prerequisite: Replication to the ER server was suspended with the Suspend Replication action or with the cdr suspend server command of the cdr command-line utility.

When replication to a server is suspended, the other servers in the domain continue to replicate data between each other. They queue replicated data for the suspended server, but do not send it. When you resume replication to a server, the queued data is delivered.

To resume a suspended replication server:

  1. On the menu of the HCL OpenAdmin Tool (OAT) for Informix®, click Replication > ER Domain.
  2. On the Routing Topology page or the Server List page, select the suspended server.
  3. On the Actions menu, click Resume Replication.
  4. Select the servers from which to resume the delivery of replicated data to the server.
  5. Click Resume.

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