Enabling replication for a disabled server

Restart replication on an Enterprise Replication (ER) server for which replication is disabled.

Prerequisites: Replication on the server was stopped with the Disable Replication action or the cdr disable server command of the cdr command-line utility. For this action, the HCL OpenAdmin Tool (OAT) for Informix® requires HCL Informix version 11.70.

When replication is disabled on a server, the server does not queue its transactions, and the other replication servers in the ER domain do not queue replicated transactions for the disabled server. However, information about any deleted rows on the disabled server is saved in the delete tables. When you restart replication and synchronize the data, you can take advantage of a time stamp repair.

To enable replication for a disabled server:

  1. On the OAT menu, click Replication > ER Domain.
  2. On the Routing Topology page or the Server List page, select the disabled server.
  3. On the Actions menu, click Resume Replication.
  4. Click Enable Replication.

After you enable replication, synchronize the server with the other servers in the replication domain by checking and repairing the replicate set on the Replicates > Replicate Sets page.

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