Configuring email notification

Configure the email program and specify the recipients of the results of a check.

Prerequisite: The HCL Informix® Health Advisor Plug-in for OpenAdmin Tool (OAT) requires HCL Informix 11.50.xC7 or later.

The Health Advisor plug-in creates a report that contains the results of a check and the recommendations. The email configuration is based on the operating system that sends the email. The email is sent from the computer where the database server is located. You can configure the email program for the current profile.

To configure email notification for the current profile:

  1. On the OAT menu, click Health Center > Health Advisor.
  2. Optional: To change the current profile, on the Profile page, click the profile in the list, and then click Load.
  3. Click the Notification tab. For examples of the configuration, click the help button for the page.

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