Network buffer size

The IFX_NETBUF_SIZE environment variable specifies the size of each network buffer in the common network buffer pool and the private network buffer pool.

The default buffer size is 4 kilobytes.

The IFX_NETBUF_SIZE environment variable allows the database server to receive messages longer than 4 kilobytes in one system call. The larger buffer size reduces the amount of overhead required to receive each packet.

Increase the value of IFX_NETBUF_SIZE if you know that clients send greater than 4-kilobyte packets. Clients send large packets during any of the following situations:
  • Loading a table
  • Inserting rows greater than 4 kilobytes
  • Sending simple large objects

The b option for sqlhosts allows the client to send and receive greater than 4 kilobytes. The value for the sqlhosts option should typically match the value for IFX_NETBUF_SIZE.

You can use the following onstat command to see the network buffer size:
onstat -g afr global | grep net 

The size field in the output shows the network buffer size in bytes.

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