The sysprofile table contains profile information about the database server.
Column Type Description
name char(13) Name of profiled event. (See table that follows for a list of possible events.)
value integer Value of profiled event. (See table that follows for a list of possible events.)
The following table lists the events that, together with a corresponding value, make up the rows of the sysprofile table.
Events Profiled in sysprofile Description
dskreads Number of actual reads from disk
bufreads Number of reads from shared memory
dskwrites Actual number of writes to disk
bufwrites Number of writes to shared memory
isamtot Total number of calls
isopens isopen calls
isstarts isstart calls
isreads isread calls
iswrites iswrite calls
isrewrites isrewrite calls
isdeletes isdelete calls
iscommits iscommit calls
isrollbacks isrollback calls
ovlock Overflow lock table
ovuser Overflow user table
ovtrans Overflow transaction table
latchwts Latch request waits
bufwts Buffer waits
lockreqs Lock requests
lockwts Lock waits
ckptwts Checkpoint waits
deadlks Deadlocks
lktouts Deadlock time-outs
numckpts Number checkpoints
plgpagewrites Physical-log pages written
plgwrites Physical-log writes
llgrecs Logical-log records
llgpagewrites Logical-log writes
llgwrites Logical-log pages written
pagreads Page reads
pagwrites Page writes
flushes Buffer-pool flushes
compress Page compresses
fgwrites Foreground writes
lruwrites Least-recently used (LRU) writes
chunkwrites Writes during a checkpoint
btradata Read-ahead data pages read through index leaf node
btraidx Read-ahead data pages read through index branch or root node
dpra Data pages read into memory with read-ahead feature
rapgs_used Read-ahead data pages that user used
seqscans Sequential scans
totalsorts Total sorts
memsorts Sorts that fit in memory
disksorts Sorts that did not fit in memory
maxsortspace Maximum disk space used by a sort

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