The System-Monitoring Interface Tables

The sysmaster database contains many tables that you can use to monitor your system.

Tip: For each system-monitoring interface (SMI) table, there is a corresponding view with the same name. For the best results, query the views that are associated with tables instead of querying the underlying tables directly.

Many other tables in the sysmaster database are part of the system-monitoring interface but are not documented. Their schemas and column content can change from version to version. The flags_text table now contains more rows. To view the new rows, first drop and then re-create the sysmaster database.

The following table lists the SMI tables.

Table 1. SMI tables
Table Description Reference
sysadtinfo Auditing configuration information sysadtinfo
sysaudit Auditing event masks sysadtinfo
syscheckpoint Checkpoint information syscheckpoint
syschkio Chunk I/O statistics syschkio
syschunks Chunk information syschunks
syscluster High-availability cluster information syscluster
syscmsmsla Connection Manager information syscmsmsla
syscmsmtab Connection Manager information syscmsmtab
syscmsmunit Information for each Connection Manager unit in a Connection Manager configuration file syscmsmunit
syscompdicts_full Compression dictionary information syscompdicts_full
sysconfig Configuration information sysconfig
sysdatabases Database information sysdatabases
sysdbslocale Locale information sysdbslocale
sysdbspaces Dbspace information sysextents
sysdri Data-replication information sysdri
sysdual Is a single-row table sysdual
sysenv Server startup environment sysenv
sysenvses Session-level environment variable sysenvses
sysextents Extent-allocation information sysextents
sysextspaces External spaces information sysextspaces
sysha_lagtime Secondary server lag-time statistics sysha_lagtime Table
sysha_type Information about connected servers sysha_type
sysha_workload Secondary server workload statistics sysha_workload
sysipl Index page logging information sysipl
syslocks Active locks information syslocks
syslogs Logical-log file information syslogs
syslogfil System log file information syslogfil table
sysmgminfo Memory Grant Manager and Parallel Data Query information sysmgminfo
sysnetclienttype Client type network activity sysnetclienttype
sysnetglobal Global network information sysnetglobal
sysnetworkio Network I/O sysnetworkio table
sysonlinelog Online log information sysonlinelog
sysprofile System-profile information sysprofile
sysproxyagents Information about all the proxy agent threads sysproxyagents
sysproxydistributors Proxy distributor information sysproxydistributors
sysproxysessions Information about sessions that use updatable secondary servers sysproxysessions table
sysproxytxnops Information about transactions that are run through each proxy distributor sysproxytxnops table
sysproxytxns Information about all of the current transactions that run through each proxy distributor sysproxytxns table
sysptprof Table information sysptprof table
sysrsslog RS secondary server information sysrsslog
sysscblst Memory by user sysscblst
syssesprof Counts of various user actions syssesprof
syssesappinfo Distributed Relational Database Architecture™ (DRDA) client-session information. syssesappinfo
syssessions Description of each user connected syssessions
syssmx SMX (server multiplexer group) connection information syssmx
syssmxses SMX (server multiplexer group) session information syssmxses
syssqexplain SQL statement information that is enabled by the SET EXPLAIN statement syssqexplain table
syssqltrace SQL statement information syssqltrace
syssqltrace_hvar SQL statement tracing host variable information syssqltrace_hvar
syssqltrace_info SQL profile trace system information syssqltrace_info
syssqltrace_iter SQL statement iterators syssqltrace_iter
syssrcrss RS secondary server statistics syssrcrss
syssrcsds SD secondary server statistics syssrcsds
systabnames Database, owner, and table name for the tblspace tblspace systabnames
systabpaghdrs Page headers None
systhreads Wait statistics systhreads
systrgrss RS secondary server statistics systrgrss
systrgsds SD secondary server statistics systrgsds
sysvpprof User and system CPU used by each virtual processor sysvpprof

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