The sysproxyagents table contains information about all proxy agent threads. Proxy agent threads run on the primary server and accept requests from secondary servers to process DML operations. The primary server also contains a proxy distributor that handles secondary server updates. Secondary servers determine how many instances of the proxy distributor to create based on the UPDATABLE_SECONDARY setting in the secondary server's ONCONFIG file.

Column Type Description
tid integer Transaction ID of the proxy agent thread running on the primary server. This ID is created by the proxy distributor to handle work from the secondary server session.
flags integer Flags of the proxy agent thread.
proxy_id integer ID of the proxy distributor on behalf of the currently executing proxy agent thread (TID).
source_session_id integer ID of the user's session on the secondary server.
proxy_txn_id integer Number of the current transaction. These numbers are unique to the proxy distributor.
current_seq integer The sequence number of the current operation in the current transaction.
sqlerrno integer Error number of any SQL error (or 0 on success)
iserrno integer Error number of any ISAM/RSAM error (or 0 on success)

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