onparams -p: Change physical-log parameters

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>>-onparams-- -p-- -s--size--+--------------+--+-----+---------><
                             '- -d--dbspace-'  '- -y-'   

Element Purpose Key Considerations
-p Changes the physical log Whenever you use the onparams -p command, you must include the -s parameter. Additionally, you can specify the -d and -y parameters. The database server must be in either administration, online, or quiescent mode to specify the -p parameter. The database server does not need to be restarted for the changes take effect.
-s size Changes the size (in kilobytes) of the physical log This value must be an unsigned integer greater than or equal to 200 kilobytes.
Attention: If you move the log to a dbspace without adequate contiguous space or increase the log size beyond the available contiguous space, the operation will fail and the physical log will not change.
-d dbspace Changes the location of the physical log to the specified dbspace The space allocated for the physical log must be contiguous.

Syntax must conform to the Identifier segment; see the HCL Informix® Guide to SQL: Syntax.

-y Causes the database server to automatically respond yes to all prompts None.

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