SERVER_LOCALE environment variable

The SERVER_LOCALE environment variable specifies the server locale, which the database server uses to perform read and write operations that involve operating-system files on the server computer.

For more information about the server locale, see The server locale and GLS support by HCL Informix database servers.
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Name of the code set that the locale supports
Two-character name that represents the language for a specific locale
Optional locale modifier that has a maximum of four alphanumeric characters.
Two-character name that represents the cultural conventions. For example, territory might specify the Swiss version of the French, German, or Italian language.

The modifier specification modifies the cultural-convention settings that the language and territory settings imply. The modifier usually indicates a special type of localized collation that the locale supports. For example, you can set @modifier to specify dictionary or telephone-book collating order.

An example nondefault server locale for a French-Canadian locale follows:
SERVER_LOCALE fr_ca.8859-1

You can use the glfiles utility to generate a list of the GLS locales that are available on your UNIX system. For more information, see The glfiles utility (UNIX).

If you do not set SERVER_LOCALE, HCL Informix database servers use the default locale, U.S. English, as the server locale.

Changes to SERVER_LOCALE also enter in the Windows registry database under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.

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