ENCRYPT_MAC configuration parameter

Use the ENCRYPT_MAC configuration parameter to control the level of message authentication code (MAC) generation. This configuration parameter is used only for Enterprise Replication and High-Availability Data Replication.

onconfig.std value
Not set
off = Does not use MAC generation

low = Uses XOR folding on all messages

medium = Uses SHA1 MAC generation for all messages that are greater than 20 bytes long and XOR folding on smaller messages

high = Uses SHA1 MAC generation on all messages.

ENCRYPT_MAC medium,high
takes effect
For HDR: when the database server is shut down and restarted

For Enterprise Replication: when Enterprise Replication is started


The level is prioritized to the highest value. For example, if one node has a level of high and medium enabled and the other node has only low enabled, then the connection attempt fails. Use the off entry between servers only when a secure network connection is guaranteed.

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