ENCRYPT_SWITCH configuration parameter

Use the ENCRYPT_SWITCH configuration parameter to define the frequency at which ciphers or secret keys are renegotiated. This configuration parameter is used only for Enterprise Replication and High-Availability Data Replication.

The longer the secret key and encryption cipher remains in use, the more likely the encryption rules might be broken by an attacker. To avoid this, cryptologists recommend changing the secret keys on long-term connections. The default time that this renegotiation occurs is once an hour.

onconfig.std value
Not set.
Two positive integers separated by a comma. The first integer represents the number of minutes between cipher renegotiation. The second integer represents the number of minutes between secret key renegotiation. For example: ENCRYPT_SWITCH 2,5.
takes effect
For HDR: when the database server is shut down and restarted

For Enterprise Replication: when Enterprise Replication is started

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