ENCRYPT_MACFILE configuration parameter

Use the ENCRYPT_MACFILE configuration parameter to specify a list of the full path names of MAC key files. This configuration parameter is used only for Enterprise Replication and High-Availability Data Replication.

onconfig.std value
Not set.
One or more full path and file names separated by commas, and the optional builtin keyword. For example:
ENCRYPT_MACFILE /usr/local/bin/mac1.dat, /usr/local/bin/mac2.dat,builtin
Path names up to 1536 bytes in length
takes effect
For HDR: when the database server is shut down and restarted.

For Enterprise Replication: when Enterprise Replication is started.


Each of the entries for the ENCRYPT_MACFILE configuration parameter is prioritized and negotiated at connect time. The prioritization for the MAC key files is based on their creation time by the GenMacKey utility. The entry created from the builtin keyword has the lowest priority. Because the MAC key files are negotiated, you should periodically change the keys.

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