oncheck -cr and -cR: Check reserved pages

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>>-oncheck----+- -cr-+-----------------------------------------><
              '- -cR-'     

The -cr option checks each of the root dbspace reserved pages as follows:
  • It validates the contents of the ONCONFIG file with the PAGE_CONFIG reserved page.
  • It ensures that all chunks can be opened, that chunks do not overlap, and that chunk sizes are correct.

The -cR option performs the same checking and validation, and also checks all logical-log and physical-log pages for consistency. The -cr option is considerably faster because it does not check the log-file pages.

If you have changed the value of a configuration parameter (either through onparams, onmonitor, onspaces, or by editing the configuration file), but you have not yet reinitialized shared memory, oncheck -cr and oncheck -cR detect the inconsistency and return an error message.

If oncheck -cr does not display any error messages after you execute it, you can assume that all three items in the preceding list were checked successfully.

For more information on reserved pages, see Reserved Pages.

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