BAR_PERFORMANCE configuration parameter

Use the BAR_PERFORMANCE configuration parameter to specify the type of performance statistics to report to the ON-Bar activity log for backup and restore operations.

onconfig.std value
Levels of statistics
0 = Does not collect performance statistics
1 = Reports time spent transferring data between the database server and the storage manager.
2 = Reports ON-Bar processing performance, in microseconds, in the timestamps in the activity log and the error log
3 = Reports both microsecond timestamps and transfer statistics.
takes effect
When ON-Bar starts
When you reset the value dynamically in your onconfig file by running the onmode -wf or equivalent SQL administration API command.


For example, if you set BAR_PERFORMANCE to 3, ON-Bar reports the time spent transferring data between the HCL Informix® instance and the storage manager, in the activity log. If you set BAR_PERFORMANCE to 0 or do not set it, ON-Bar does not report performance statistics.
  • To turn performance monitoring off, set the value to 0. This is the default.
  • To display the time spent transferring data between the Informix instance and the storage manager, set the parameter to 1.
  • To display timestamps in microseconds, set the parameter to 2.
  • To display both timestamps and transfer statistics, set the parameter to 3.