Defining Replication Servers

You must define a replication server to create a replication domain or to add a server to an existing domain.

The database server must be online.

You must be the Enterprise Replication server administrator to define the replication server.

You can define replication servers using two different methods:
  • The cdr utility
  • Cloning

To define the replication server in a new domain by using the cdr utility, use the cdr define server command to connect to the database server and specify the database server group name. For example, the following command connects to a server called stan and creates a domain containing the database server group g_stan:

cdr define server  --connect=stan --init g_stan

The --init option specifies the database server group to add to the replication domain. If the INFORMIXSERVER environment variable is not set to the server that you are defining, specify the --connect=server_name option. You can also configure replication attributes for the server.

To define a replication server in an existing domain by using the cdr utility, include the --sync=sync_server option with the cdr define server command to synchronize the global catalog with an existing server. For example, the following command adds a server group named g_oliver to the domain created in the previous command, using g_stan as the synchronization server:

cdr define server  --connect=oliver --init g_oliver --sync=g_stan

You can specify any existing server in the domain, however, if you define a server as a nonroot or a leaf server, then the synchronization server becomes the parent of the new server. For example, if you add a server kauai as a leaf server and want its parent to be hawaii, then specify hawaii with the --sync option.

You can have Enterprise Replication automatically configure disk space from the storage pool and set the appropriate configuration parameters when defining a replication server. If the CDR_QDATA_SBSPACE or the CDR_DBSPACE configuration parameter is not set and the server has a storage pool with sufficient space, the cdr define server command automatically creates the necessary disk space and sets the configuration parameters to appropriate values.

The maximum number of replication servers that you can define is 32767.

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