The AIOBUFSIZE configuration parameter

The AIOBUFSIZE configuration parameter sets the size of the AIO memory buffers that transfer data to and from tapes and files. The High-Performance Loader (HPL) uses the AIO buffers to pass data between the converters and the I/O drivers.

The AIOBUFSIZE parameter is not the same as the tape-block size that you can set in the device arrays (see Figure 2). The tape-block size lets you control the size of the block that the device controller sends to the tape drive, while AIOBUFSIZE lets you control the size of internal buffers that pass data. If your computer has memory available, you can improve performance by increasing the AIOBUFSIZE parameter.

Default value
Range of values
Minimum: 0.5 KB (512 bytes)

Maximum: depends on operating system resources

Assess information for loading or unloading external data

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