Informix Schema Manager Plug-in for OAT

The HCL Informix® Schema Manager Plug-in for OpenAdmin Tool (OAT) provides a graphical interface for viewing and administering databases and tables.

With the Schema Manager plug-in, you can perform these tasks:
  • Create and drop databases, tables, and indexes.
  • Load and unload data that is managed and stored outside of the database server by using external tables.
  • Monitor information about the statistics for tables and fragments.
  • Specify whether data distribution statistics are calculated on only the fragments that change in a fragmented table or on the entire table.
  • View information about database objects including stored procedures and functions, sequences, user-defined data types (UDTs), privileges, DataBlade modules, aggregates, casts, and operator classes.
  • View information about table objects including columns, indexes, references, privileges, UDTs, constraints, fragments, and triggers.

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