Informix administrative utilities and applications

HCL Informix® includes utilities and applications that you can use to perform administrative tasks and capture information about configuration and performance.

Table 1. Informix administrative utilities and applications
Utility name Description
archecker Verifies backups and performs table-level restores.
chkenv Checks the validity of shared or private environment-configuration files. The chkenv utility validates the names of the environment variables in the file, but not their values.
cdr Controls Enterprise Replication operations.
ClassGenerator Generates a Java™ class for a named row type that is defined in the system catalog.
clusterIT_a.exe Deprecated - Configures Informix on the primary node for use in a cluster environment.
clusterIT_b.exe Deprecated - Configures Informix on the secondary node for use in a cluster environment.
dbaccess Provides a user interface for entering, running, and debugging Structured Query Language (SQL) statements and Stored Procedure Language (SPL) routines.
dbexport Unloads a database into text files for later import into another database and create a schema file.
dbimport Creates and populates a database from text files. Use the schema file with the dbimport utility to re-create the database schema.
dbload Loads data into databases or tables.
dbschema Creates a file that contains the SQL statements that are needed to replicate a specified table, view, or database, or view the information schema.
finderr Looks up a specific error code and displays the corresponding error text.
GenMacKey Generates MAC key files for encrypting network communications.
genoncfg Expedites the process of customizing a database server instance's onconfig file to a host environment.
glfiles Generates a list of GLS-related files on the UNIX operating system.
ifxclone Creates a snapshot of a database server.
ifxdeploy Deploys a snapshot or removes a snapshot.
ifxdeployassist Creates and customizes a snapshot.
ifx_getversion On the UNIX operating system: outputs the complete version name of an Informix library.
ILOGIN On the Windows operating system: tests the connection to a database server. The ILOGIN utility is in the %INFORMIXDIR%\demo directory.
infoshp Reports information that is extracted from headers of the .shp, .shx, and .dbf files that make up ESRI shapefiles.
ipload Manages the onpload database and creates the components of High-Performance Loader load and unload jobs through a UNIX GUI.
ixpasswd.exe On the Windows operating system: Changes the logon password for all services that log on as user informix.
ixsu.exe On the Windows operating system: Opens a command-line window that runs as the specified user.
loadshp Loads spatial features and associated attributes from an ESRI shapefile into a table in an Informix database.
ntchname.exe On the Windows operating system: Changes the registry entries for Informix from the old host name to the new host name.
onaudit Manages audit masks and auditing configurations.
onbar Backs up and restores storage spaces and logical logs.
oncheck Checks specified disk structures for inconsistencies, repair inconsistent index structures, and display information about disk structures.
onclean Forces a shutdown of the database server when normal shutdown from the onmode utility fails or when you cannot restart the server.
oncmsm Starts, stops, installs, or uninstalls a Connection Manager; reloads a Connection Manager configuration file; or converts and earlier format Connection Manager configuration file to a current format configuration file.
ondblog Changes the logging mode.
onconfig_diff Compares two different onconfig files.
oninit Starts the database server.
onkstore Creates and manages keystore files for use with storage space encryption.
onload Loads data that was created with the onunload utility into the database server.
onlog Displays the contents of logical-log files.
onmode Changes the operating mode of the database server, and performs various other operations on shared memory, sessions, transactions, parameters, and segments.
onparams Modifies the configuration of logical logs or physical logs.
onpassword Encrypts and decrypts password files that are used by Connection Managers or the CDR utility.
onperf Monitors database server performance.
onpladm Writes scripts and create files that automate data load and unload jobs.
onpload Manages load and unload jobs directly from the command line.
onpsm Manages HCL Informix Primary Storage Manager, which controls backup and restore devices for the ON-Bar utility.
onrestorept Restores a server instance back to its original state just before the start of an upgrade.
onsecurity Checks the security of a file, directory, or path and troubleshoots any existing problems.
onshowaudit Extracts information from an audit trail.
onsmsync Synchronizes the sysutils database and emergency boot file with the storage-manager catalog.
onspaces Manages storage spaces.
onstat Monitors the operation of the database server.
ontape Logs, backs up, and restores data.
onunload Unloads data from the database server.
setnet32 On the Windows operating system: Sets or modifies environment variables and network parameters that Informix products use at run time.
SqlhDelete Deletes the sqlhosts entries from the LDAP server.
SqlhUpload Loads the sqlhosts entries from a flat ASCII file to the LDAP server in the prescribed format.
syncsqlhosts Converts the connection information between the sqlhosts file format and the Windows registry format.
unloadshp Copies spatial features and associated attributes from a table in an HCL Informix database into an ESRI shapefile.

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